Sunday, September 20, 2015

Are we really prepared for "Armageddon"?

This week in the Physics in Film class, we watched Armageddon. The story is on the Earth about to come in contact with an asteroid that would destroy the planet. So they came up with the plan of using a nuke inside the asteroid and cause it to be made into 2 pieces of asteroid of "iron ferrite". They had to dig into the asteroid and blew up a nuke. For this week, I choose to do research on some physics behind the HAIV or Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle. It consists of two main part. The Leader and the Follower (Nuke Body). The Leader is an extended sensor that is to be used as a initial detonator to created a crater for the Follower. The Follower is a nuke with a 1500 kg payload capable of 6.276x109 Joules. The purpose of the HAIV is not to destroy asteroids but to re-direct them away from Earth. The total mass of the HAIV is 4242 kg. 

The main question is whether Earth is really prepared for what could be a Planetary disaster that could happen. The majority shows that in time we'll have to wait and see when the time for a real life Armageddon comes our way. 

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  1. I appreciate your research into the HAIV, but your post was a little confusing to read. There are numerous grammatical mistakes and not much flow to your discussion. Please be sure to read over your post multiple times before publishing it.