Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mission Impossible III

1) Ethan Hunt swinging from one building to another.

Could a person actually make that swing from one building to another?
- Distance between each building. Length of rope used to swing. Speed of Hunt as he swung as.
The distance between the buildings, I would like to say that they were about 40-50 meters. The length of rope would have to be from about around the same amount of about about 60 or more meters long to make the swing and be able to get atop of the roof. As for how fast Hunt ran, the average speed of a human is what is used which is 12 m/s, but doesn't account for the equation for a freefall, that takes in the account of gravity. -9.81 m/s ^2

2) Magnet of thrown explosive

Can the magnet of a small hand explosive really make that giant curve onto the steel beam it landed on?
- Distance away from the steel beam. Distance of any other metal that was closer to the magnet. The scene was quick to picture but I estimate the furthest the explosive was from beam was about 3 meters away, while it was closer to a random flat shaped box of metal materials by about half a meter away.

3) Explosion that exploded behind Hunt, but launches to the left.
Distance from the explosion. Speed of Hunt. Hunt runs about 6 meters from the explosion while sidetracked from getting the gun from the trunk. Average human sprint is about 12 m/s, but half if sidetracked and injuried with pain. The force of the explosion would have needed to come from the left not from behind.


  1. I'd like to see you write your blog entries so that they are readable and understandable by pretty much anyone. The way you wrote it only makes sense if someone read the assignment on my blog before looking at yours. This is a pretty minimal effort in my opinion. Specifically regarding your scenes, when the movie provides you an answer to a question, I want you to use it (writers/directors/producers aren't always so kind). They tell us in the Shanghai scene that the two buildings are 40.55 meters apart. They also tell us in the movie how tall the buildings are. Do you think that would matter? For the curving magnet, aren't there any other factors that you think would matter besides distance?

  2. Sorry, the distance between the buildings is 47.55 meters.