Sunday, October 4, 2015

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a "culture" movie from 1968, which gave definition to physics and showed great examples of what gravity is like in space. It was top rated in many Top 10's for different things and was even rated #1 for best science fiction movie. It gathered many people to watch this movie when the movie was released, people either loved the movie or actually hates the movie. I didn't exactly like it or hate it as a movie. The "story" was about the black obelisk that was believed to be an alien. They sent Dave with a few other astronauts to journey to Jupiter for a mission along with the AI, HAL-9000. For me, the story was drawn out quite far that I couldn't really enjoy the full film at the time of the original showing with the rest of the class. What's good about the movie are the examples of good physics within the movie as well as a few that of which arn't completely good.

One of the good physics in the movie that I would like to announce is the space stations that is in orbit of space. It rotates to simulate gravity in the station so that people are able to walk around and not use "grip" shoes. Without the rotation, they would have needed another form for people to be able to actually stand on the station. Unless they have grip shoes for everyone to use or have an artificial gravity generator that can be found in the future. Having the station rotating makes up for this fact and shows great physics for a movie from the late 1960s

One of the bad examples that I would say is the use of the explosive bolts on the pod that Dave had use. Dave used the pod to get his friend who was flying out into space, only to decide to let go of him and find a way into the ship. He used the explosive bolts to shoot himself into the emergency airlock, but at the same time, the bolt should have shot the pod the opposite direction into vast space unless he just so happened to have the thrusters on, but that would have mean't that the pod would have been moving if it were not still. If the explosive bolts were enough to shot Dave into the airlock, and blas t off the door, I believe it would have been able to move the pod away from the ship.

Overall, I found the movie to be good as people have said, but not in my best interest as to movies that I prefer to watch instead. I love the examples that it has for physics and how that they are displayed even through not all of the examples are 100% realistic. It's just not a movie that I would want to watch again, I would only watch it again if it was with others or some other reasons. If your looking for a movie to pass some time, this is the one for you.