Sunday, November 15, 2015

Star Trek (2009): Warp Drives and Phaser Banks!!

For this Monday, Nov. 9, we watched Star Trek from 2009. For today, I have two things that I'll be talking about, which is the physics of Warp Drives, and of Phaser Banks.

As most people know is that Warp Drives are used not only in Star Trek, but also other movies like Star Wars (Punch it, Chewy!), Space Balls (Ludicrous Speed!), and other sci fi movies that need a way to travel to other star systems with out having to deal with years of interstellar travel. How wrap drives work are allowing spaceships to travel in factors of the speed of light!

Wrap Factors (WF) is taking the number of the WF to the power of 3 times the speed of light.

So for example if I'm going to go at WF 5, that would be 5x5x5 = 125 x C = 37,474,057,250 m/s as our Final Velocity, which if we were headed to travel across the Milky Way, would take us 800 years.

So with Warp, it allows starships to travel long distances to other star systems in minutes instead of years! Imagine if Spock going 2,000,000 Light Year to the Andromeda system at Warp 5, he would be over 16,000 years old, turned into space dust along with a extremely rusted star ship. Warp is just another way to lessen movie times if you think about it. Another thing about Warp Drive, is Inertial Dampeners, but thats another thing that is used to reduce the effect of inertia caused by accelerating light speed and decelerating from light speed. Without it, I believe that the crew of the USS Enterprise and every other ship would be dead. 

Now on Phaser Banks! So as for Phaser Banks, of course with ships of any kind (depending) needs some form of defense, like how Pirate ships back when boats were still wooden would use cannons that fired cannonballs, starships use Phaser Banks! Which is phaser based weapons that are mounted on starships like the Enterprise, that use particles.  As according to Phil Plaits' Bad Astronomy, you can NOT see lasers coming at you, because the weapons are considered as light, so they travel at the speed of light, and that beams of photons would need a medium in space to be able to view them. So as them being involved in Star Trek, it would render space battles and action to be completely boring except when a random explosion shows up on the ship that gets hit from something. Pretty boring if it was just explosions... sounds like a Micheal Bay movie.

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  1. I appreciate the warp drive table, and you identified some valid points regarding the physics. I would have still liked to see you clean up your posts a bit to make them read better.